TBS 2-70 2021 Class Reunion

National Museum of the Pacific War

In addition to the George H. W. Bush Gallery and the Pacific Combat Zone, the National Museum of the Pacific War also includes the Plaza of the Presidents that features ten monuments honoring presidents who served during World War II. Many classmates enjoyed a stroll through the Japanese Garden of Peace. It is a traditional Japanese garden that was created for the museum as a gift from the people of Japan to the people of America, in honor of the friendship that developed between Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and Admiral Heihachiro Togo after the war. Also visited was the Memorial Courtyard that presents plaques on 19th Century limestone walls that surround a solemn garden that recognize heroic contributions to the war effort in the Pacific. The Veteran Walk of Honor winds through the Courtyard, paved by bricks inscribed with additional tributes.