TBS 2-70 2018 Class Reunion

Laying the class wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

King Davis, Ed Holcomb, Jerry Pascale, and Jim Smith represented the TBS 2-70 class at the Wreath Laying Ceremony. The ceremony began with the Sergeant of the Guard marching up the steps in the center to meet our four representatives, and then leading them down the steps to their positions on the plaza in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The bugler (Kevin Maloney, the son of a 2-70 classmate), positioned to the left front, brought the wreath forward and delivered it to the Sergeant of the Guard, who then placed it on its stand. Then the Sergeant of the Guard accompanied Jerry Pascale and King Davis forward to place the wreath in its position immediately in front of the Tomb. At that point the bugler played Taps. Upon completion of Taps, Jerry Pascale, King Davis and the Sergeant of the Guard returned to their original positions. The four classmates are then led by the Sergeant of the Guard off the plaza, which ended the ceremony.